Blog  Camp Jenny 2019 Newsletter: Volume 3

Camp Jenny 2019 Newsletter: Volume 3

From the Leadership Team

Hi, I’m Ryan Marcus and I’m the Creative Arts Head Specialist! I am a senior from BOFTY in Boca Raton, FL and this will be my second Camp Jenny! I am so excited for this year and being more involved in the planning process. Currently, the creative arts teams are brainstorming program ideas for their specific activities and making sure they incorporate the magic of Aladdin into the magic of Camp Jenny specialities!

From the Leadership Team

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah Neuberger, and I am this year’s Head of Outdoor Specialists! I’m a Junior from SCRUFY in Atlanta, GA, and NFTY-SAR’s co-head fundraiser. Camp Jenny: A Whole New World will be my 3rd Camp Jenny. I am so excited to continue fundraising with NFTY-SAR’s TYGs, and even more excited write outdoor programs with my fantastic team of specialists!


On April 16 (36 days before Camp Jenny 2019), we'll be have a Camp Jenny Day of Giving! This will be a great opportunity for you to remind the people who haven't made a donation yet to join you in supporting Camp Jenny 2019. We'll be providing more details, and lots of fun incentives in the next couple weeks, but put it on your calendar now!

Want to be featured in our next newsletter? Be sure to tell Jake or Daniel about your upcoming fundraiser! Want us to brag about the success of your fundraiser? Be sure to fill out the post-fundraiser form to let us know about your fundraiser's results!

Individual Fundraising News

There are now 118 people who've created pages, which is awesome! Even more exciting is that together we've raised almost $30,000 and when you add in the money raised by our TYG fundraisers, we are well on our way to our $75,000 goal. This week we want to give a special shoutout to everyone who has already met the goal they set for their fundraising page. Not on the list yet? Check out our fundraising tips section below!

Name  Goal  Total Raised Percent of Goal
Sophie Lakin  $          200  $          637 318%
Lindsey Dewey  $          200  $          549 275%
The Forsteins  $      1,000  $      1,625 163%
Kiley  Bramson  $          500  $          695 139%
Katie Hurwitz  $          200  $          265 133%
Eliana and Gil Bloom  $      1,000  $      1,292 129%
Bradley Shimel  $          200  $          257 128%
David Israel  $          500  $          638 128%
Noah Fineberg  $          200  $          244 122%
Jillian Penson  $          500  $          602 120%
Jacob Wall  $      1,000  $      1,200 120%
Lindsey Kessler  $          250  $          291 116%
Ellie Bender  $          200  $          229 114%
Adam Griff  $          200  $          226 113%
Rachel Passer  $          200  $          225 112%
Jake Forstein  $      1,500  $      1,538 103%
Skyler Wansky  $          200  $          203 101%
Lola Bessoff  $      1,000  $      1,003 100%

And here is our progress thermometer:


Fundraising Tips

Here are our top 3 tips of the week, especially if you're just getting started with your fundraising (adapted from Classy):

  1. GET THE BALL ROLLING. Nobody likes to be first. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution. This will make others more likely to get involved.
  2. ADD YOUR WHY TO YOUR PAGE AND EMAIL: You can find a basic email template you can use right from your fundraising page. The most important thing you can add to this message is why you are fundraising. Let your family and friends know why this matters to you, that’s what they care about most!
  3. START WITH YOUR CLOSE CONTACTS. It’s always best to start by emailing your close contacts because they are the most likely to donate. Try sending some quick personal messages to your inner circle to build up some momentum. Then use the email template you customized to reach all of your other contacts.

Need some more ideas? Watch the Fundraising webinar to get some great tips from Anna Wynne, the NFTY-SAR fundraising co-chair and check out lots of tips on how to personalize your page, who to ask, and how to follow up. Keep up the great work!

Program & Logistics Updates

All of our units and specialty areas are hard at work creating the magic of Camp Jenny 2019! Registration for all teen and adult volunteers will be opening soon (by the end of March), so be sure to make your travel plans now!