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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue planning for Camp Jenny 2020, we are grateful for your support and partnership as we navigate this unprecedented and complex situation. We continue to assess the situation and consult with experts, with a focus on health and safety, along with program and operational excellence. Our FL Stanton students, NFTY teens, and adult volunteers need Camp Jenny more than ever. We now know that we will not be gathering together in person on Memorial Day Weekend 2020. We are continuing to explore opportunities to continue to fulfill the mission and vision of Camp Jenny, and to provide hope and encouragement to our FL Stanton students.

There are several partners involved in running Camp Jenny - our campers come from FL Stanton Elementary School, which is part of Atlanta Public Schools. NFTY-SAR and NFTY-STR work together to manage all fundraising, volunteers, and programming. Camp Coleman provides the facility and all food services. Atlanta Public Schools, the district in which F.L. Stanton is located, will be following state orders to close the school for the rest of the year. Since Camp Jenny is classified as a field trip through the school, this makes it impossible for us to hold camp in our typical and expected way. Thus, we now know that Camp Jenny 2020 will not be taking place as planned over Memorial Day Weekend.
Our entire leadership team is working tirelessly to ensure the work done thus far will not go to waste. We have many possibilities in the works and will post more info soon!
Please know that all money raised for Camp Jenny goes into a restricted fund and is ONLY used for running Camp Jenny and supporting the FL Stanton Elementary School community. We may use some funds for alternative programming, or save it for Camp Jenny 2021.
Camp Jenny was able to send extra food home with every student in the school on their last day of classes before the school was closed. Atlanta Public Schools is providing meals and access to technology for all students who need support. We are currently working on 2 projects to support the school and will post more details soon:

  1. We will be asking Camp Jenny counselors and specialists to make videos of bedtime stories, supportive messages, and educational content to share on a private site with FL Stanton students. More details will be shared next week.
  2. We will be collecting take-out food gift cards, notes, and video messages for the FL Stanton teachers to offer some extra support to them. More details will be shared next week.

We know that many have these questions. We don't yet have any answers but will absolutely consider all options as we look ahead to Camp Jenny 2021.